Blackpink Lisa Chrome New Tab Wallpaper

Blackpink Lisa Chrome New Tab Wallpaper

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Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Background Designed For Blackpink Lisa Fans. Make a Difference With Chrome Custom Design.



Install the Chrome extension specially designed for Blackpink Lisa fans. Greet you with a new Blackpink Lisa wallpaper every time you open a new tab. If you wish, you can fix the wallpaper you like. Enjoy Blackpink Lisa New Tab for Google Chrome. After installing the Blackpink Lisa Chrome extension, you will now have a special design.


Blackpink Lisa New Tab Features:
* It does NOT contain content that could endanger your security.
* Hey new tab wallpaper changes
* You can pin any of the wallpaper options
* Quick access with shortcut icons of the most visited websites on the left.
* Easy and fast Google Search
* Time and date
* Active / passive option from settings
* Adding notes
and many more features are waiting for you.

Everything you want to know about BLACKPINK member Lisa is here! We have compiled many details for you such as Lisa’s zodiac sign, Lisa’s ideal male type, Lisa’s role models and who she admires, how many siblings Lisa has, Lisa’s height and favorite color. You can also participate in the voting we prepared for Lisa, which you will see at the end of the post. Come on, get to know Lisa, the beauty of BLACKPINK!

Lalisa Manoban, her real name, was born on March 27, 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand. Lisa, who is an Aries zodiac sign, is 167cm tall and 47 kg. She is the only child in the family. She can speak Korean, English, Japanese, Thai she.

He was the only person to qualify for YG Entertainment at the audition in Thailand in 2010. She became a trainee when she was in middle school and has been living in Korea ever since. She has been an intern for 5 years and 3 months since 2011.

His favorite food is fried potatoes. His favorite dish in Korea is Gamjatang (Spicy pork spine soup). She also loves Japanese cuisine, sushi is one of her favorites. She loves sweet drinks. The person she sees as her role model is CL.

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