Call-by-call will continue until the end of 2024

Call-by-call will continue until the end of 2024

Bonn/Cologne (dpa/tmn) – Telekom fixed-line customers can continue to use so-called call-by-call services to save on calls from call to call. According to a joint statement, Deutsche Telekom and the competitor association VATM have agreed on this. Call-by-call will continue until the end of 2024. The same applies to the possibility of making permanent calls via another provider (preselection).

Call-by-call works like this: The area code of the selected, cheaper provider is placed in front of the actual phone number. The conversation then runs through this provider, but the fees are collected via the Telekom bill. Call-by-call tariffs can be found on various comparison portals on the Internet.

In order to avoid expensive surprises – call-by-call tariffs can change depending on the time – a tariff announcement is mandatory before the call can be made. Consumers can therefore still hang up if a price other than the expected price is announced.

Why is there call-by-call? In 1998, as part of the liberalization of the market, Telekom was legally obliged to offer its end customers call-by-call and preselection. In the early days of the liberalized telecommunications market, a competitive price development should be ensured. Since 2019, VATM and Telekom have agreed on a voluntary agreement.

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