DGB worried about German competitiveness | news

DGB worried about German competitiveness |  news

BERLIN (Dow Jones) – Yasmin Fahimi, Chairwoman of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), is concerned about Germany as a location. “German competitiveness is definitely at stake,” she said in an interview with FOCUS. At the moment, one has the impression that some secretly do not find de-industrialization so bad because we could then achieve our climate goals more quickly. But that is dangerous, Germany must continue to claim technological leadership and show that climate-neutral production is possible. That’s why Fahimi has little understanding that the government wants to continue to hold on to the debt brake despite the crisis. “As a result, investments that would be extremely important for the transformation of the German economy – and which the federal government promised at the beginning of the year – are being left behind.”

Fahimi defends the unions’ demands for higher wages: “If wages rise, we have more purchasing power and slow down the recession.” Therefore, concerns about a wage-price spiral are unfounded. However, not only would wages have to rise, the rich would also have to bear a heavier burden: “Anyone who accumulates large fortunes in the crisis has to contribute more to the costs for the common good,” she said. In addition, the wealth tax should be reintroduced, as well as a one-time wealth levy.

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October 15, 2022 07:19 AM (11:19 GMT)

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