dpa-AFX overview: COMPANIES – The most important reports from the weekend | news

dpa-AFX overview: COMPANIES – The most important reports from the weekend |  news

ROUNDUP: Dräger cancels forecast due to supply chain problems – share loses

LÜBECK – Persistent problems in the supply chain and high costs for the procurement of materials: After a weak quarter, the medical and safety technology group Drägerwerk can no longer meet its forecast for the current year. Although the Management Board assumes that the situation will at least improve somewhat in the coming weeks and that more sales can therefore be realized from the high order backlog, this is not enough to catch up on the backlog. “Due to the extent of the delay so far, however, Dräger no longer assumes that it will be able to achieve the annual forecast,” the company said on Friday evening after Xetra trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange had ended. The preference share, which is listed in the SDAX, fell significantly in value after the trading day.

‘FT’: Credit Suisse is also considering selling parts of its Swiss business

ZURICH – Credit Suisse (Credit Suisse (CS)) should not only consider the sale of parts of the investment bank, but also parts of the Swiss business. As stated in an article in the “Financial Times” on Saturday, the bank could sell off Bank-now or holdings such as those in the SIX Group, Swisscard or the fund company Allfunds.

ROUNDUP 2/pilot strike at Eurowings: almost half of the flights are said to be cancelled

COLOGNE – The airline Eurowings does not come to rest: Due to the second pilot strike within less than two weeks, the Lufthansa subsidiary is again threatened with numerous flight cancellations from Monday to Wednesday. According to the airport, 102 of the 171 Eurowings flights planned for Monday were canceled at Düsseldorf Airport alone, 43 connections were canceled in Cologne/Bonn, and 40 take-offs and landings were canceled in Stuttgart. In Hamburg, 58 of 94 planned flights are said to be cancelled.

ROUNDUP: Traffic light coalition is struggling to reach a nuclear compromise under time pressure

BERLIN/BONN – The time pressure is growing in the traffic light coalition’s dispute over the continued use of nuclear power plants. After the Green Party Congress, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) met with Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) and Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) for another crisis meeting in the Chancellery on Sunday. It was then agreed not to disclose the content. According to information from the German Press Agency, a continuation of the talks was prepared for Monday. However, there was initially no official announcement.

Kassenärzte boss: E-patient file and e-prescription completely new development

BERLIN – Kassenärzte boss Andreas Gassen calls for a complete restart at the digitalization the medical practices. Neither the electronic patient file nor the electronic prescription have worked so far, he told the newspapers of the Funke media group. “You now have to have the courage to end patently dysfunctional technologies, take fresh money and start the whole thing all over again. That may cost another billion. But digitization also burns a lot of money and inhibits the practices in their work – and ultimately does nothing.”

Study: automotive supplier between all chairs

MUNICH – According to a study, automotive suppliers are increasingly having liquidity problems due to rising production costs. Three quarters of the suppliers could only partially pass on the enormously increased energy, raw material and production costs to the car manufacturers, according to the management consultancy Horváth after interviews with over 30 company bosses and board members worldwide.

ROUNDUP: BVB also despairs of the Union Code – Berlin summit storm continues

BERLIN – Marco Reus crept off the pitch after his hapless comeback with his head hanging down, the triumphant chorus of Union Berlin fans echoing bitterly in his ears. With the return of its captain, Borussia Dortmund (BVB (Borussia Dortmund)) failed with a crash due to the mysterious Union Code. Coach Edin Terzic’s team had to admit defeat in the Bundesliga by the cheeky and ice-cold Berlin leaders 0: 2 (0: 2) and lost sight of the top positions in eighth place, seven points behind Union.

ROUNDUP/kayak instead of car: In the south-east of Australia there is still land under

MELBOURNE – The situation in the flooded areas in south-eastern Australia did not ease over the weekend either. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said he was concerned during a flight over Rochester in northern Victoria on Sunday. Albanese wrote on Twitter that he had “seen firsthand the rising water damaging homes and businesses,” along with a photo taken from a cockpit. He announced financial aid for the flood victims there and in the other flooded regions in New South Wales and on the island of Tasmania.

Prosus Sells Russian Classifieds Website

AMSTERDAM – The Dutch Internet holding company Prosus is separating from its Russian classifieds website Avito in the wake of the Ukraine war. The business will be sold to companies owned by the Russian businessman Ivan Tavrin for the equivalent of 2.4 billion US dollars (almost 2.5 billion euros), the company announced on Friday in Amsterdam. Avito was valued at around $1.38 billion at the end of March. Prosus put the deal on hold after Russia’s attack on Ukraine in the spring

ROUNDUP/Musk: Can’t pay Starlink Internet for Ukraine indefinitely

WASHINGTON – Tech billionaire Elon Musk threatens to end the financing of the satellite internet by its aerospace company SpaceX for Ukraine. SpaceX does not want any reimbursement for previous expenses, but “cannot pay for the existing system indefinitely AND send thousands more terminals,” Musk wrote on Twitter on Friday. That would be “unreasonable”. SpaceX currently has costs of around 20 million dollars (20.6 million euros) per month.


Additional Reports

-Interhyp: Real estate interest rates reach highest level since 2011

– Railway and transport union EVG starts with congress

-Bahn supervisory board for end of special rules for celebrities

-Vodafone wants to save electricity with ‘dynamic standby’ of the radio cells

-91 visa applications from assistants for airports in Germany

-Germany’s beekeepers have harvested a lot of honey

Refinery strike in France continues despite agreement

-After cyber attack: ‘Heilbronner Voice’ on Monday without printout

-ROUNDUP/dispute over nuclear power: Scholz met Habeck and Lindner

-SPD parliamentary group: State of Berlin needs more influence on energy supply

-Swiss plane flies with ‘shark skin’ foil° to save fuel

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