Electromobility: How rising electricity prices are affecting the charging infrastructure | news

Electromobility: How rising electricity prices are affecting the charging infrastructure |  news

The fact that charging stations for electric cars are not a gold mine is nothing new. But in view of the sharp rise in prices on the electricity market the question arises as to whether the providers will dismantle their columns again – after all, the provider Allego has already increased its prices in Germany three times this year to what is now 60-85 cents per kilowatt hour.

Dismantling the charging stations is out of the question

However, reducing the charging stations is apparently out of the question: the information portal Edison quotes Allego boss Ulf Schulte from the online press conference of the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management with the clear words that the number of charging stations will not be reduced because of a lack of profitability. Timo Sillober from EnBW also confirmed that the EnBW charging locations would “under no circumstances” be closed.

The two infrastructure operators are taking different approaches when dealing with the increased electricity prices: while Allego passes the costs on to customers, EnBW has not yet increased the charging prices.

Allego and EnBW are worried about high prices

Nonetheless, both are concerned about the high energy prices. According to Edison, Allego is trying to actively prevent rising prices by making itself independent of traditional suppliers when it comes to energy procurement by means of so-called Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). Allego is already pursuing this strategy in the Netherlands, although the prices do not differ from those in Germany. PPAs include pre-agreed prices at which the buyer can purchase renewable energy directly or indirectly.

A regular price comparison can be worthwhile

As Edison reports, both Sillober and Schulte assume that electricity prices on the exchange will fall again – but not in the short term. The currently strongly fluctuating prices are difficult to calculate and have a negative effect on purchasing expenses. At the online press conference, BDEW chairwoman Kerstin Andreae also emphasized that a holistic view of electromobility is extremely important right now and that the federal government must get more involved. It is less the consumers than the legislators who continue to complicate the issue in Germany and slow down progress.

At the moment it looks as if the existing charging infrastructure in Germany is not at risk. However, it can be worthwhile for consumers to consult price comparison calculators when choosing a charging station.

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