Ferrari poised to make an offer to Hamilton?

According to the latest rumors, Ferrari will offer Lewis Hamilton a big contract!

Lewis Hamilton, who has achieved great success with Mercedes and has become the best driver in terms of statistics in the history of Formula 1, is currently in the final season of his contract with the team.

It is a fact that Mercedes has lost momentum since the introduction of the new regulations and is no longer the dominant force it was during the turbo-hybrid era, which is why Hamilton is being cautious about signing a new contract.

Naturally, Hamilton aims to achieve his eighth championship and surpass Michael Schumacher – and what if the right place to do that is Schumacher’s team?

According to the latest news from Mail Sport, this idea has also caught the attention of Ferrari, to the extent that the team is preparing to offer Hamilton a contract worth a whopping £40 million!

Furthermore, the person behind this pursuit is none other than Ferrari’s chairman, John Elkann!

If an agreement is reached with Hamilton, the person whose seat would be in jeopardy is Carlos Sainz. However, there is also an option on the table, such as a Charles Leclerc-Lewis Hamilton swap.

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