First Swiss bank opens branch in the Metaverse

First Swiss bank opens branch in the Metaverse

Since September 27th, Sygnum Bank is the first Swiss bank represented in the metaverse. Sygnum’s Web3 portal in the fledgling $5 trillion Metaverse economy features a CryptoPunk reception, an interactive NFT gallery and an events area.

branch in the 3D world

The three-storey center of the Sygnum branch is located in the virtual counterpart of New York’s Times Square and is part of the Decentraland region. This is currently the most complex metaverse. It uses a crypto asset called MANA to facilitate gaming and the purchase of virtual land, goods and services.

After entering the virtual world via guest access or wallet login, users can customize the color of their personal avatar. Right at the entrance is the Crypto Garden, where information about Sygnum can be found. Sygnum’s vision of future finance covers the entire complex. Areas currently live include the SYGN lounge with a CryptoPunk receptionist, an interactive NFT gallery, and an exhibit hall for events and product launches.

Martin Burgherr, Sygnum’s Chief Clients Officer, is convinced of the success of the hub and enthuses about new possibilities in the virtual world:

“Our new Metaverse hub is the natural place to showcase Sygnum’s Web3 innovations and provide a trusted entry point for investors into the fast-growing Future Finance economy.”

If you enter the virtual world, you will find yourself in an environment whose richness of detail and graphic quality cannot really inspire. On the other hand, games that are less graphically appealing, such as Minecraft, have also managed to fascinate with their content. It remains to be seen whether Sygnum will be able to lure customers into virtual worlds with its branch in the Metaverse and give investors confidence in the new Web 3 technology. Access to the hub is free for both wallet owners and guests.

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