Green leader Nouripour warns of port deal with China news

Green leader Nouripour warns of port deal with China  news

BERLIN (Dow Jones) – Green leader Omid Nouripour has clearly criticized the planned Chinese entry into a container terminal in the port of Hamburg. “The sale of shares in the port of Hamburg to a Chinese company would be the repetition of a mistake,” Nouripour told the news portal T-Online. “We should learn from our fatal dependence on Russian fossils, not make ourselves more dependent. It’s not good for our economy or for our security.”

There is also the question of whether Beijing would allow German companies to participate in the port of Shanghai, said the Greens leader. “If we put the lifelines of our economy in the wrong hands, we risk our sovereignty.”

According to a report by NDR and WDR, the Federal Chancellery could allow the sale of parts of the Port of Hamburg to the Chinese state-owned company Cosco, contrary to numerous warnings. The Chinese shipping company wants to take over shares in the port’s operating company, HHLA. Because this is critical infrastructure, a government investment review was initiated.

According to T-Online, the leading Federal Ministry of Economics rejects the deal. “Federal Minister of Economics Habeck has always taken a negative stance on the matter,” said a ministry spokesman. “China’s participation in the port of Hamburg would be a disaster in terms of industrial policy, security policy and port law,” said Nils Knoben, Hamburg’s state chairman of the Young Liberals.

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