High refugee numbers: Union accuses Scholz of inaction news

High refugee numbers: Union accuses Scholz of inaction  news

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – The Union has accused Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) of not paying enough attention to caring for the many refugees and limiting irregular migration. The deputy leader of the parliamentary group, Andrea Lindholz (CSU), said on Thursday in the Bundestag that Scholz, even after the arrival of more than a million people from Ukraine and other countries, acted “as if none of this had anything to do with him”.

Since January, the traffic light government has also been delaying the decision on a fair distribution of refugee costs between the federal, state and local governments, said Lindholz. After a top-level meeting with representatives of the federal and local governments on Tuesday, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) said that there would be a meeting between Scholz and the Prime Minister at the beginning of November.

Gökay Akbulut (left) accused the Union of “fishing on the right edge” when it came to migration. The parliamentary director of the AfD parliamentary group, Bernd Baumann, said that the Union had changed Germany in a negative sense with an “unworldly welcome policy” during its term in government, and its current proposals for a limit are therefore implausible.

Hakan Demir (SPD) said Germany had made a promise to take in refugees in the Basic Law, in the right to asylum and through international treaties. You have to stand by that, “even if the circumstances have changed”. Stephan Thomae (FDP) said that the traffic light coalition does not want to promote irregular migration, but legal migration, because Germany needs workers.

Around one million people are currently recorded in the Central Register of Foreigners in connection with fleeing Ukraine. Anyone who comes to Germany because of the Russian war of aggression does not have to apply for asylum. In the first nine months of this year, around 135,000 people applied for asylum in Germany for the first time./abc/DP/ngu

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