Innovation index: CAM study: Tesla is by far the most innovative electric car manufacturer | news

Innovation index: CAM study: Tesla is by far the most innovative electric car manufacturer |  news

• Tesla has the best index score in the “Electromobility Report 2022”.

• Only three car manufacturers achieve more than 100 index points

• Mercedes-Benz improved the most compared to the previous year

Classification by manufacturers according to range, consumption and performance

Every year, the Center for Automotive Management (CAM) compiles a report on the innovative strength of various e-car manufacturers. At the beginning of October, the current data was published with the “Electromobility Report 2022”. The result: Tesla is again by far the most innovative manufacturer.

The CAM has created an index for the evaluation of car manufacturers from the e-industry. According to the institute, innovations in the areas of range, consumption and charging capacity that “lead to an improvement in customer benefit” were particularly taken into account when awarding points. A basis of a total of 512 individually evaluated series innovations was used for this.

Only Tesla, VW and BYD achieve ratings of over 100 index points

Tesla was ranked the highest by far and stands at 188.2 index points. That is 14.8 points more than last year, which – according to the information platform ecomento with reference to the study – is due to innovations in the energy cell structure, which enable 16 percent more range and 14 percent lower costs per kilowatt hour. “Fast Follower” is VW with 149.4 index points (+12.2 points), followed by the Chinese carmaker BYD in third place. BYD achieves 112.3 index points, which is a full 36.0 points more than in 2021. According to ecomento, this major leap can be attributed to a newly introduced “cell-to-battery” technology, segment units such as the new Denza D9 with 620 kilometers Range and 166 kilowatts of charging power and other innovations in the Yuan Plus, Tang EV and Han EV models.

Although Mercedes-Benz is only in fourth place and, like all other car manufacturers, was not able to reach the 100-point mark, it is the manufacturer with the most index points gained: Mercedes-Benz has the new EQE business sedan with a range of 645 kilometers , a very good charging performance and minimal consumption catapulted a whole 40.7 index points up. The carmaker now has 84.5 points.

Chinese car manufacturers are also becoming more competitive in Europe

Tesla, VW and BYD not only lead this year’s CAM Innovation Index, but according to Statista they are also the market leaders in the field of electromobility in the same order. Tesla sold around 936,200 vehicles in 2021, according to the manufacturer there were already over 800,000 units in the months of January to September 2022 alone – the position as market leader should therefore remain. ecomento quotes Stefan Bratzel, who led the CAM study: “Electromobility is growing far above average in all major automotive regions compared to the overall market. It shows that the highly innovative automobile manufacturers in the field of battery-electric vehicles are also among the market leaders in e-mobility. That is true […] also for Chinese automobile manufacturers who are now also looking for market access in Europe. The high innovative strength and often better ability to deliver make the new players serious competitors for the established car manufacturers.”

For example, the manufacturers Hyundai, Geely, General Motors and SAIC are in fifth to eighth place in the innovation index, while Renault, BMW, Nissan and Ford have collected fewer index points.

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