Install and set up WhatsApp – Here’s how

Install and set up WhatsApp – Here’s how

Do you already have a WhatsApp account and want to set it up on your new smartphone? Here you can read how the move works without any problems.

Step 2: Sign up for WhatsApp

  1. When you open it for the first time, WhatsApp will ask you to enter your country code and phone number.
  2. The country code for Germany is “+49”. Put this in place of the zero in your area code. Example: +49 175 12345XY. Then confirm the entered number again.
  3. To verify your number, WhatsApp will send you a code via free SMS within a few minutes.
  4. Enter the code and connect your phone number to WhatsApp. You are now registered with the messenger.
  5. WhatsApp will now request access to your contacts and permission to send notifications. You should answer yes to both of these, because Messenger needs these permissions to function properly.

3rd step: Set up a profile

  1. If you open WhatsApp after setting it up, you end up in the inbox, which is currently empty. Before you fill this with the first messages, you should first set up your profile.
  2. To do this, go to the settings. Tap the profile picture at the top to set a picture. You can select this from your recordings or take a new photo yourself.
  3. There you can also set a name that will be visible to all your contacts.
  4. You can also create a status under “Info”. This can be a short text or sentence about yourself, which is then displayed in your profile. Alternatively, you can also choose from several suggestions.

4th step: Get in touch

Now it’s time to find your friends in WhatsApp.

  1. If you have allowed it, your phone will automatically access your smartphone’s address book. Based on the respective number, it recognizes which of your contacts are also registered with WhatsApp. These then appear under the “Contacts” tab.
  2. To start a chat on Android, just tap the contact. A chat window will now open.
  3. As an iPhone user, the quickest way to open a chat with your contacts is to tap on the small icon at the top right edge in the “Chats” menu and select the relevant chat partner there.
  4. In the lower input field you can compose a message and then send it.
  5. In addition to normal text messages, you can also record voice messages or share photos, videos, contacts, documents and your location with your chat partner.

If the font on WhatsApp is too boring for you, you can simply select a different one. You can find out how this works here.

Are you missing a contact in WhatsApp? One of the reasons for this may be that you have not saved it in your phone’s overall address book. Create an entry there accordingly and look again in your WhatsApp contacts to see whether the respective person now appears in the list.

Step 5: Tones and personalization

Once you’ve made yourself comfortable in WhatsApp, you can do some fine-tuning.

  • Under “Settings” and then “Notifications” (Android) or “Notifications” (iPhone), for example, you can control exactly how WhatsApp should inform you about incoming messages. Decide whether and with what tone your Handy gives notice. You can also switch the vibration or the notification via LED light on or off here.
  • Via “Settings/Chats” and “Background” (Android) or “Chat background” (iPhone) you reach a menu in which you can change the background photo of your chats. Last but not least, your status report is also important. This will appear in your friends’ “Contacts” list under your name. In the “Settings” at the top of your profile, tap to change this general notification there under “Status”.
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