LATE BRIEFING – Companies and Markets -2- | news

LATE BRIEFING – Companies and Markets -2- |  news

has become more optimistic after a strong third quarter and has significantly raised its profit outlook for the current year as a whole. The airline group referred to the current booking situation, which shows continued strong demand for air travel in the coming months. In addition, in view of the boom in demand in the freight business in 2022, the group expects Lufthansa Cargo to achieve “another record result”.


The biotech group Evotec and the Toronto Innovation Acceleration Partners (TIAP) are including the US biotech group Amgen as a strategic partner in the research and commercialization partnership “LAB150”. LAB150 is a collaboration to accelerate the translation of Toronto academic research into market-ready products by bringing together scientists, investors and business-building experts. Amgen’s addition to the partnership created in 2017 includes a joint investment of $14 million to accelerate new company formations from LAB150 programs.


started in Ireland. As announced by Hellofresh SE, it is now represented in a total of 18 countries worldwide. The market analysis has shown that Ireland is ready for meal kits and offers favorable conditions for Hellofresh’s international expansion, said Thomas Griesel, Hellofresh’s co-founder and CEO.


has specified its forecast for the year after a strong third quarter. After a comprehensive reassessment of opportunities and risks in the further course of the year, the railway technology group raised the lower end of its sales forecast and narrowed the ranges for the margin forecasts. Among other things, Vossloh AG referred to a lower overall burden from rising material and energy costs.


acquired Houston-based biomethane maker Archaea Energy for $26 a share, up 38 percent from the average stock price over the past 30 days. Including net debt of $800 million, this equates to an enterprise value of $4.1 billion.


The head of the investment bank at Credit Suisse takes his hat off: Christian Meissner will leave the bank, said an informed person. Meissner joined the bank in 2020 and took over the management of the investment bank the following year, according to the website of the major Swiss bank.


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