OTS: Börsen-Zeitung / Expensive emergency brake, commentary on electricity and … | news

OTS: Börsen-Zeitung / Expensive emergency brake, commentary on electricity and … |  news

Expensive emergency brake, commentary on electricity and gas price brakes by Angela


Berlin (ots) – At the last minute before the start of the final

The traffic light government managed budget deliberations for the 2023 budget

Draft laws for the electricity and gas price brake and the extraordinary

Submit profit skimming to power plant operators. At least she’s planning

Government, this, next and the year after next up to 200 billion euros

to cushion the high prices on the energy market and this over

to finance debt. So it’s appropriate for Parliament to be

may exercise budgetary rights on the basis of an overall picture.

The federal government has once again succumbed to the demands of the federal states. The gas price brake

actually comes at the beginning of 2023 and not at the beginning of March. Thereon

the federal states had in their financial negotiations with the federal government about the division

of the costs. The energy suppliers already had the gas price commission

made credible that the complex equalization mechanism was faster than in March

not to implement.

The Commission therefore had the one-time lump sum as a bridging measure until then

proposed, which should last for three months. Coming under pressure from the countries

now both – the December aid as a bridging allowance and the retroactive one

Refund for January and February. However, everything is paid for by the federal government alone:

9 billion euros for the December aid and another 5 billion euros for the two

beginning months. The bills that will be passed later this year

must certainly run more easily through the Bundesrat. Nevertheless, they have

federal states made a deal at the expense of third parties. Because the loans for the

only the federal government has to repay any additional expenditure.

It is good that the government, with the emergency brake for gas and electricity, has supported the Council

Gas Price Commission wants to subsidize prices without the incentive

to lose less consumption. This is achieved by mixing a

subsidized basic amount and peak consumption at market prices. until

This mechanism should take effect at the end of April 2024. Already today the traffic light should

but think about the exit: Because it is unlikely that the jump on

higher energy prices in 2024 will happen quietly.

Crisis-related ad hoc interventions in the system remain problematic. the

Skimming off proceeds from power plant operators should affect all types of energy,

but not coal of all things. Otherwise, the economy could generate electricity

from coal in favor of scarce gas. The market works here

stronger than the intended intervention, so the concern. In general: high

The Treasury already siphons off profits through corporate income tax. A

The Ministry of Finance had to intervene in the proceeds when considering a

Digital tax still hard fought.

The federal government is more consistent in its demand for a dividend

and a ban on bonuses for companies with state aid. This should only

Affect companies that need state capital. Otherwise it should

Consequently, the baker does not book “by cash to shareholders”. If

the members of the Bundestag will follow, however, is anything but


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OTS: Börsen-Zeitung

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