ROUNDUP 2/London Government Crisis: Home Secretary resigns – Truss defiant | news

ROUNDUP 2/London Government Crisis: Home Secretary resigns – Truss defiant |  news

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LONDON (dpa-AFX) – The government crisis in Great Britain picked up speed again on Wednesday. Prime Minister Liz Truss declined to resign despite the failure of her tax policy and disastrous poll numbers. A few hours later, Interior Minister Suella Braverman announced that she had probably been forced to leave the government and took vigorous action against the government. Truss lost the second cabinet member within days. There has been speculation that ex-Transport Secretary Grant Shapps will become the new Home Secretary.

“I’m a fighter and not a slacker,” said the conservative head of government at Question Time in the House of Commons in London. The 47-year-old came under heavy pressure at Wednesday’s meeting. Several opposition politicians called on her directly to resign.

For the first time since the humiliating U-turn in her tax policy and the shortening of the government’s energy price cap, Truss had to answer questions from MPs. She earned violent mockery and malice. Among other things, when she called on opposition leader Keir Starmer of the Labor Party to “face economic realities”. It was she who unleashed chaos on the financial markets with the announcement of radical tax breaks. Some of her words were drowned out by the jeering and scolding of the opposition.

More criticism came later in Braverman’s resignation letter. Important promises to voters have been broken, and she also has “great concerns about this administration’s commitment to our election manifesto, such as limiting the total number of immigrants and stopping illegal migration, particularly the dangerous boat crossings,” Braverman wrote. The former interior minister belongs to the extreme right wing of the party. She repeatedly made a name for herself with statements about her plans for tougher procedures in the case of deportations. She recently railed against “tofu-eating” leftists in parliament.

Braverman gave “a technical breach” of confidentiality rules as the reason for her resignation. She forwarded an official document from her personal email address to a “trusted parliamentary colleague,” Braverman wrote. Much of it was already known, but it was “right for me to go”. She is now expected to work against Truss from the back benches. In reply to the letter of resignation, Truss said it was important to respect confidentiality within the Cabinet.

Truss has reportedly declared a vote of confidence scheduled for Wednesday night on a Labor Party motion on fracking. Those who do not adhere to group discipline will be excluded, according to reports, according to the announcement. Truss had lifted a moratorium on the controversial method of generating energy in order to make Britain less dependent on gas imports.

Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng had to vacate his chair last Friday after he had caused turbulence on the financial markets with his announcement of massive tax breaks. His successor Jeremy Hunt reversed almost all parts of the tax policy plans on Monday.

Opposition leader Starmer had a light hand at Question Time: One by one he listed the abandoned elements of Truss’s tax policy, to which Labor MPs ‘gone!’ (away) shouted. “They’re all gone, why is she still here?” Starmer shouted at Truss.

In an attempt to regain some authority, the prime minister surprisingly rebuffed reports that she wanted to nix the guarantee of pension increases. Treasury Secretary Hunt recently announced cuts in government spending in addition to the withdrawal of tax breaks and stressed that there were no taboos. This despite the fact that Truss had promised last week that there would be “absolutely” no cuts./cmy/DP/men

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