ROUNDUP: France starts gas deliveries to Germany | news

ROUNDUP: France starts gas deliveries to Germany |  news

PARIS (dpa-AFX) – During the energy crisis, France began supplying natural gas to Germany. Since Thursday, gas has been flowing through the only connection point between the two countries near Medelsheim in Saarland, the network operator GRTGaz announced in Paris. “In a novel energy situation linked to the war in Ukraine, France is in solidarity with its German neighbor by supplying gas directly to it.”

Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) welcomed the French help. “This is a good and important sign of European solidarity. And it shows that even difficult technical questions can be clarified in a spirit of solidarity,” said Habeck.

Since the only line between the two countries was originally only intended for the delivery of gas from Germany to France and not the other way around, adjustments had to be made first. The network operator explained that these were made in view of the sharp decline in Russian gas supplies to Europe and as part of European solidarity for energy security. Initially, 31 gigawatt hours flow across the border every day; according to GRTGaz, the maximum capacity is 100 gigawatt hours per day.

In return, France, whose nuclear power plants are weak at the moment, is to receive electricity from Germany in order to get through the critical winter months. Due to maintenance, only 30 of the 56 nuclear power plants are currently in operation, as President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday evening. In the next few weeks, 40 power plants are expected to be back online and, according to Macron, 46 in January. However, recent strikes by power plant workers could thwart these plans./evs/DP/ngu

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