Scholz – Mongolia to become important partner for raw materials | news

Scholz – Mongolia to become important partner for raw materials |  news

Berlin (Reuters) – According to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Mongolia is to become an important supplier of raw materials for Germany.


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The country is an “important partner” for the desired diversification in raw material procurement, Scholz said on Friday in Berlin after a meeting with Mongolian Prime Minister Luwsannamsrain Ojuun Erdene. As examples, he named the purchase of copper and rare earths from the East Asian country. Germany is currently trying to get rid of raw material supplies from Russia and is therefore looking for agreements with resource-rich countries such as Canada or Mongolia.

The Mongolian Prime Minister said that they want to deepen cooperation in other economic areas. Mongolia, which has around 3.3 million inhabitants, wants to send 1,000 students to Germany for training in the areas of mining, urban planning and forestry. In addition, they want to work together in the transport sector and in digitization and the renewal of power plants in their country. Luwsannamsrain Ojuun Erdene emphasized that Mongolia also want to get into copper processing in order to create added value in their own country. Scholz said he was pleased that Mongolia, despite the distance, viewed Germany, like Japan, as a “third neighbor” alongside Russia and China. We share the same values ​​with the democratic government in Ulan Bator. Mongolia also has enormous potential for solar and wind energy.

Germany and Mongolia had already concluded a raw materials partnership during the government of Angela Merkel. German industry lost interest when raw material prices fell again and China lifted export restrictions on rare earths.

Luwsannamsrain Ojuun Erdene dodged the question as to why Mongolia had abstained from voting in the UN General Assembly on Ukrainian territorial sovereignty. Instead, he referred to his country’s heavy dependence on its large neighbors Russia and China. But his visit to Germany should be seen as a signal of how important Mongolia’s development as a democracy and the search for democratic partners is.

(Report by Andreas Rinke; edited by Ralf Banser; If you have any questions, please contact our editorial team at (for politics and the economy) or (for companies and markets).)

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