VDV: New special ticket needs long-term financing solutions | news

VDV: New special ticket needs long-term financing solutions |  news

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – From the point of view of the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV), the planned permanent successor solution for the 9-euro ticket is also accompanied by a different financial structure in local public transport. “With a tariff of 49 euros or even 69 euros, commercial transport will practically no longer be possible given the cost development,” said VDV general manager Oliver Wolff on Tuesday in Berlin. “That means the entire industry is changing to a public utility and that’s a real paradigm shift that needs to be pointed out.”

Transport companies could no longer handle regional offers such as additional night buses, more frequent services or new lines in such a structure from their own financial strength. Shortly before the prime ministers’ conference starting this Wednesday, Wolff therefore called on politicians to provide answers to such long-term financing questions. “You have to discuss the question of the ticket in the context of the public transport of the future and its financing.”

The transport ministers of the federal and state governments recently agreed in principle to introduce a permanent and nationwide special ticket for public transport in the coming year. The country heads should now resolve the dispute over funding at their meeting.

The industry sees an annual financial requirement of three billion euros alone due to the loss of income that such a ticket would mean. In addition, there would be a one-off payment of 1.1 billion euros for sales and conversion costs. In addition, in 2022 and 2023, 1.65 billion euros are to be paid extra each due to energy prices. In the coalition agreement, the federal government had already announced an increase in regionalization funds of 1.5 billion euros per year. The government uses this money to finance public transport in the countries with./maa/DP/men

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