WDH: Railway and transport union EVG starts with congress | news

WDH: Railway and transport union EVG starts with congress |  news

(Correction of the report from 16.10.: In the 3rd paragraph it was corrected that Klaus-Dieter Hommel opened the trade union conference. In addition, it was specified in the 4th paragraph that Martin Burkert is expected to be the only candidate for the election of the new chairman.)

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – The five-day trade union congress of the railway and transport union began this Sunday with a greeting from Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD). In his speech on Sunday afternoon, Scholz emphasized with regard to war, inflation and energy shortages: “We will also get through this crisis. We will emerge from it more independently and stronger than we entered it because we stand up for each other.”

Scholz continued: “Sticking together when things get tight, that’s exactly what the unions have always distinguished. Despite all the progressiveness, with all the forwards, no one is left behind.” That is the strength of the union, “and that is the strength of our country”. When addressing the EVG, Scholz emphasized that rail transport in Germany is part of the critical infrastructure that must be protected.

The trade union day was opened in the Hotel Estrel in Berlin-Neukölln by the incumbent chairman, Klaus-Dieter Hommel. The head of the German Trade Union Confederation, Yasmin Fahimi, also spoke in the evening. Around 600 delegates and guests are expected at the event. On Monday they will elect a new chairman.

Hommel is no longer running for office. His previous deputy, Martin Burkert, is likely to be the only candidate to elect his successor. In the future, he would also take over Hommel’s seat on the supervisory board of the Deutsche Bahn Group.

The congress lasts until Thursday. Berlin’s Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD) and the Federal Government’s Railway Commissioner, Michael Theurer, are also expected in the coming week. On Wednesday, the union is planning a demonstration in front of the Federal Ministry of Transport against the threat of cuts in rail freight transport./rab/DP/men

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