Akame ga Kill! Wallpapers New Tab

Akame ga Kill! Wallpapers New Tab

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Akame ga Kill! is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Takahiro and Tashiro Tetsuya. The story follows a young warrior named Tatsumi, who travels to the capital city to earn money for his poverty-stricken village. Once there, he joins a group of assassins known as Night Raid, whose goal is to overthrow the corrupt government and restore peace to the kingdom. The series is known for its dark and violent themes, as well as its complex characters and political intrigue. It has been adapted into an anime television series and an anime film.

Akame ga Kill! has a large cast of characters, but some of the main ones include:

Tatsumi: The main protagonist, a young warrior from a poor village who joins Night Raid to fight against the corrupt government.

Akame: A skilled assassin and member of Night Raid, known for her weapon, a cursed sword called Murasame.

Mine: A skilled markswoman and member of Night Raid, known for her bubbly personality and fierce determination.

Leone: A member of Night Raid, known for her outgoing personality and her ability to transform her body into a monstrous form.

Lubbock: A member of Night Raid, known for his intelligence and his ability to manipulate wires.

Najenda: The leader of Night Raid and a former general of the empire.

Esdeath: A powerful general of the empire and the main antagonist of the series.

Kurome: A member of the empire’s elite squad, known as the Jaegers, and Akame’s younger sister.

Wave: A new member of the Night Raid team who is a skilled swordsman and has a strong sense of justice.

Run: A skilled doctor and member of Night Raid, known for her calm and collected personality.

Seryu: A member of the empire’s elite squad, known as the Jaegers, known for her strong sense of justice and her ability to manipulate bullets.

These are some of the main characters of the series, but there are many more characters that play important roles in the story.

Akame ga Kill is a popular manga and anime series, and as such, it’s likely that there are several Chrome browser extensions available that are related to the show. These types of extensions, also called new tab extensions, typically allow users to customize their new tab page with wallpapers, themes, or other features related to the show. Some examples of features that these types of extensions may include are:

Customizable backgrounds featuring characters or scenes from the series
Quick links to popular Akame ga Kill fan sites
A countdown clock to the next episode of the anime
A built-in to-do list
Game and Quiz related to Akame ga Kill
It is important to note that, you have to be careful when installing browser extension, as not all of them are reliable or trustworthy, and some may contain malware or other security risks. It is recommended to install browser extension from official or well-known sources and also review the permissions it is asking for.

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A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm the installation. Click “Add extension” to proceed.
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