Castlevania Wallpapers New Tab

Castlevania Wallpapers New Tab

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Chrome New  Tab Wallpaper Background Designed For Castlevania Fans. Make a Difference With Chrome Custom Design.



Install the Chrome extension specially designed for Castlevania fans. Greet you with a new Castlevania wallpaper every time you open a new tab. If you wish, you can fix the wallpaper you like. Enjoy Castlevania New Tab for Google Chrome. After installing the Castlevania Chrome extension, you will now have a special design.


Castlevania New Tab Features:
* It does NOT contain content that could endanger your security.
* Hey new tab wallpaper changes
* You can pin any of the wallpaper options
* Quick access with shortcut icons of the most visited websites on the left.
* Easy and fast Google Search
* Time and date
* Active / passive option from settings
* Adding notes and many more features are waiting for you.


“Castlevania” is a Netflix original animated series based on the popular video game franchise of the same name. The show is produced by Frederator Studios, and its first season was released on July 7, 2017. The series is written and executive produced by Warren Ellis, and directed by Sam Deats. The show has gained a positive critical reception from both critics and audiences.

The show is set in medieval Europe, in a fictional country called Wallachia and follows the story of the Belmont family, who are vampire hunters. The main character, Trevor Belmont, is the last surviving member of the family, and he sets out on a journey to defeat the vampire Count Dracula, who is seeking revenge on humanity for the death of his wife. Along the way, Trevor teams up with a wizard named Sypha Belnades, and a dhampir (half-human, half-vampire) named Alucard, to stop Dracula and his army of monsters.

The series combines elements of horror, fantasy, and action, and has been praised for its mature themes, dark tone, and its exploration of the themes of oppression and the consequences of violence. The show’s animation is also highly praised for its quality and detail. The series is in 4 seasons , where later seasons deal with different storyarc, characters and settings.

Overall, Castlevania is a compelling and well-executed series that fans of the video game franchise and fans of horror and fantasy animation should definitely check out.

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