DeepL Translate: Reading & Writing Translator

DeepL Translate: Reading & Writing Translator

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Translate while you read and write with DeepL Translate, the world’s most accurate translator.
With the DeepL for Chrome extension, you can enjoy DeepL’s unbeatable translation quality without ever leaving your browser.

You’ll be able to effortlessly and instantly translate as you’re reading or writing within Chrome. If you’re a DeepL Pro user, that includes entire web pages.
If you’re a free user, we’re working on releasing this feature for you too. Until then, you can simply select any text and the DeepL icon will appear. To translate your selection, click on the icon. If you want to translate even faster, set up your own shortcuts in the settings, for both reading or writing with DeepL on Chrome.

Now you no longer have to worry about missing out on any information throughout the web due to a language barrier.

Download DeepL for Chrome for free to start translating today.

Translate while reading
You won’t have to skip emails, articles, or websites anymore. You can view the content you’re browsing in Chrome in your chosen language, in its original context.

Translate your writing
Whether you’re writing a social media post, chat message, or email, you can translate your own words immediately after you type them. This means you no longer have to copy, paste, retype, or leave Chrome to communicate in another language.

Full-page translations
If you’re a DeepL Pro user, you can translate entire web pages into your desired language with just one click. To make things even easier, you can choose to have all websites in specific languages automatically translated for a seamless browsing experience. We’re working on releasing this feature for free users too.

DeepL Pro login
DeepL Pro users can log in to their accounts through the extension.

Use simple shortcuts to make translation quicker and easier. You can set your own shortcuts in the settings.

Unparalleled accuracy
You can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible translations on the website or application you’re using. DeepL translations consistently outperform the competition and are proven to be three times more accurate than translations from major tech companies.

Loved by millions of users
Millions of people around the world use DeepL every day to improve their communication.

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