Red Bull Racing F1 Wallpaper New Tab

Red Bull Racing F1 Wallpaper New Tab

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Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Background Design for Red Bull Formula1 Fans. Make a Difference With Chrome Custom Design.

Install the Chrome extension specially designed for Red Bull Racing F1 fans. Greet you with a new Red Bull Racing F1 wallpaper every time you open a new tab. If you wish, you can fix the wallpaper you like. Enjoy Red Bull Racing F1 New Tab for Google Chrome. After installing the Red Bull Racing F1 Chrome extension, you will now have a special design.

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Red Bull Racing is a successful Formula 1 team owned by the renowned energy drink company Red Bull. With four World Championship wins under their belt since their establishment in 2005, the team comprises of two cars driven by skilled racers, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

In the 2021 F1 season, Red Bull Racing used the RB16B, a high-performance car that boasts a 1.6-liter V6 turbocharged engine produced by Renault. The engine is fitted onto a specially designed Red Bull chassis, allowing the car to achieve impressive speeds on the track. Throughout the season, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez drove the RB16B, showcasing their expertise on the track.

Despite their impressive performance, Red Bull Racing narrowly missed out on their ultimate goal of winning the team championship, with the Mercedes team making a late-season comeback. Nonetheless, Red Bull Racing can be proud of their successful season and look forward to continued success in the future.

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